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At Home Mini Facial

It’s that time again! Another school season has embarked upon us. Over the summer month’s I have a lot of parent’s that bring their teenagers in for acne and skin treatment’s. We offer various different options for them depending on how their skin condition is. If it’s mild I may recommend just a version of a mini facial. Now when we think of a facial, we think of spa relaxation. But I don’t unfortunately offer any relaxing treatments. We get down to business and aim for results. With a mini facial I usually recommend that it’s something they need to fit into their routine. Coming in as much as 1-4 times a month (so weekly in some cases). I would only recommend this routine to someone who has superficial breakouts, needs a general clean up, or was using the wrong products/make up for their skin and just needs to get back on track.

This too can be done at home very easily. You can perform this mini facial at home on yourself in conjunction with other services you may be getting as well (always consult on what products to use with your expert to ensure they will not conflict with any other treatments you may be receiving).

So here is my at home Mini Facial routine that I would like to share with you!

  • First off you’ll want to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Always ensure you are using a cleanser that is gel based (not milky/creamy) if you have breakout tendencies, acneic skin, or oily skin. If your skin is more on the dry side a milky/creamy cleanser is more suited for you. I always cleanse my face and neck twice to ensure any make up or residue is fully removed, so if you are a heavy make up person you may want to do this each time. This is a main cause for uneven textured skin and breakouts. Imagine this- You cleanse your skin and all of that make up and dirt is still sitting in your pores, then you apply your moisturizer right on top. Your skin isn’t breathing. It’s just clogging more and more.
  • Next, the exfoliant. I love a good exfoliation! My skin is pretty tough so I can use a really gritty, sand like texture. If you have more of a sensitive skin type, this is not a good exfoliant to use. Your skin will be left irritated and potentially raw. Ensure your exfoliant will be the right texture and have the right ingredients for your skin type. You’ll want to use upwards circle motions all over your face (avoid the eye area). Don’t forget under your chin and jaw! Majority of people who get breakouts get them along the jaw and under the chin. These areas are hormonal. Make sure all of the exfoliant is cleansed off the skin completely and there is no residue remaining.
  • Now the fun part! You’ll want to grab three, either hand towels or face clothes. Roll up the towels and place the towels in a bowl. You can either run your water out of the tap until it is hot or boil water. Fill the bowl with the towels in it with the hot water. If you used boil water you’ll want to wait until the water has cooled down enough that you can touch the towels safely to your skin. So diluting the boiled water with maybe a couple of ice cubes may be needed. To check if the towel is too hot, simply test it by placing it on the inside of your wrist carefully. This area tends to be a good guide. But be CAREFUL! Next, place and press a single towel on and around your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Make sure you leave room to breath through either your nose or mouth. Leave on and press each towel for a total of roughly one minute to one minute 30 seconds. Once that towel has cooled down, replace and repeat with the next towel. After all three warm/hot towels have been left on the skin, total time should be roughly 4 minutes. Once used, rinse and re-roll the towels and again saturate them in hot water. They will be used again for later. towels
  • Now that your pores are all nicely opened, if it is needed, you now can carefully extract (squeeze/pop) any blemishes or breakouts that you may have. I usually tell clients to not do this at home as it can sometimes cause more harm than good if the breakout is not ready. So please only do this if it has a white head or you can gently put pressure on it and the inside is released easily. If nothing is happening, STOP! It means it not ready and what we are doing with this mini facial today will help speed up its process.
  • To ensure all of the pores are closed, grab a couple of cotton pads or you may use a clean face clothe and either saturate with toner or cold water. Simply wipe all over the skin (leaving out eye area). If there were any extractions, this will also help to clean up any residue. Toner is good to use for proper ph balancing of the skin. If you use a skin care line that balances the ph within the cleanser or other products, then toner is not needed.
  • Pick a mask! If your goal is to treat your breakouts or  you have oily skin, a clay mask is the best option for this next step. If your skin is dry or aged a hydrating or anti-aging mask is what will be best for your skin. Apply all over your face (again avoiding your eye area) and apply down under the chin onto the neck. Keep in mind, if you have sensitive skin, using a mask with a lot of perfume in it will be irritating. Do not choose a peel off mask after using hot towels. Your skin will be too fragile. Now sit back and relax! Most masks are good to leave on for a period of 10-15 minutes. So pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this time for yourself!
  • Remember those hot towels you put aside from before? They should be a luke-warm temperature now. If you chose to not re-heat with hot water you can simply rinse them in the sink under warm water . Grab one towel and place on face and slowly wipe off mask. Repeat with all three 3 towels until mask is completely removed from face and neck. You do not need to leave towels on skin for this step.
  • Choose your favorite serum and moisturizer next. Apply your serum all over skin. If you have a separate eye serum/cream gently massage in outer and upwards motions around the eye area. Next apply your moisturizer all over face. Make sure your serum/moisturizer is suited for your skin type. Using the wrong products for your skin can cause more breakouts and be irritating. If you have oily skin- the lighter the product the better. If you have dry/aged skin- the more moisturizing or moisture retaining the product the better.

You can perform this mini facial at home once a week if you’d like. Enjoy!

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