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Post-pregnancy Skin

She’s here! Well 8 weeks ago she arrived… I’d like to say that everything has been smooth sailing, but to be honest I have been very tired and my brain, to say the least, hasn’t been quite all there. So, I didn’t want to be writing anything on my page then looking back at it with extreme regret haha. ‘Mom brain’ is real apparently! Or maybe it’s just the lack of sleep from getting up to feed a tiny beautiful human every 1-3 hours all night and day. My little girl is very hungry and will, most nights, wake up every 2 hours to feed. The nights are long, but I absolutely love and cherish the bonding.

After the birth, of course my body went through all of the crazy changes that was to be expected.  I was extremely emotional one day and the next full of life. Then there was my skin…  When I went into labor, let’s just say I didn’t realize what was to come. I heard of so many stories where people didn’t even know the baby was coming or they did it without any sort of drug induced pain relief. I thought I had a pretty high tolerance to pain, but I learned very fast into my contractions that I most definitely do NOT. I had to be induced so when I went to the hospital that day I of course, being myself, put make up on not knowing what the future had in store. Needless to say, I ended up wearing that same makeup well into the next day. I didn’t care about anything other than getting that baby out of me. It lasted for hours well into the night and she wasn’t born until the next morning. I’m sure that I am not the only one that this has happened to. I tell clients to always wash their face before bed, even if they did not wear any make-up that day. What the day brings alone to your skin can be pore clogging and cause breakouts. This also helps you ensure you are doing proper skin care to keep that face as plump as possible.

Between the lack of washed face for two days and my hormones on ten, my face looked like I was back in my teenage years again, unfortunately. I needed to step it up and get on a treatment routine. But more importantly I had to adjust to being a new mom and fall in love with my new little bundle! After about 2 weeks of getting settled into motherhood, I got myself and the baby together and went to the clinic. Thankfully at this time, my mother Nicola was teaching. At our clinic we also have a Medical Aesthetics Academy. It is called Nicola Finch Laserspa Academy. There were 2 students there that needed some hands on practice. My skin was perfect for them, it was hormonal and had breakouts. The treatment that we chose to do on my face was Dermalinfusion. In my previous post I noted the different solutions for treating, we chose to mainly use the Pore-Clarifying solution all over leaving out the eye area in which we treated with the Vitamin C solution. The Pore-clarifying solution is excellent for killing the bacteria on the surface of the skin, drying up and preventing breakouts. The Vitamin C solution was to just brighten me up. This treatment in general, doesn’t matter what solution you utilize, will give the skin a glow and brighter appearance afterwards. Post treatment my skin had a silky feel to it again, and over the next couple of days my breakouts were decreasing. At about day 6 I headed back to the clinic and let the students tackle me again, but this time they performed a Dermaplaning treatment. 

Dermaplaning, is an intense exfoliation of the dead skin cells and fine vellus (peach fuzz) hair with a sterile blade. It leaves the skin with that flawless appearance after. 

Performing Dermaplaning isn’t recommended on a client who has a lot of breakouts as you have to avoid them, otherwise it can lead to scarring, so I needed to wait until my breakouts had calmed down. Once my skin had a chance to turn around again, the following week I received another Dermalinfusion treatment with the same Pore-Clarifying solution all over and Vitamin C solution around the eyes as before. For a client I would recommend another Dermalinfusion treatment 1-2 weeks after for a total of 3, but for myself I was not able to make it back for another couple of weeks after.

I will need to keep up with the Dermalinfusion as my body is balancing and getting back to it’s pre-pregnancy self again. In the past, I would try and perform Dermalinfusion on myself every 4-5 weeks and would recommend this to clients as well. Once I get settled into my new chapter of life I will try and maintain what I had done in the past. 

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