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Top Treatment Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again! Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, and I’m sure you (like myself) are thinking about the perfect gifts for our loved ones.

A lot of people like to get pampered, and a wonderful gift to receive is the gift of pampering!  I’m going to share with you some excellent treatment gift ideas for your loved ones.

  • Pedicure or Manicure- Either of these are perfect because just about anybody has or will receive one of these in their life time. It also is great to do with a friend or in groups. 
  • Facial- Whether the person just needs to unwind or they are on top of taking care of their skin, a facial is a nice treat to receive.
  • Massage- You really can’t go wrong with giving the gift of a massage. Almost anyone would love this as a gift!
  • Microdermabrasion (or my fave Dermalinfusion)- If you know that they are already receiving facials or are concerned about their skin in any way, then you may want to help them out and get them to step it up a notch. Or maybe they already are one of those that receive this on a regular basis. Treat them by gifting them a service that they already love (they will thank you). 
  • Dermaplaning- This is a fun one because your skin is absolutely flawless after and it’s nice to share this by gifting it. Again, they may already be hooked on this service, so maybe you’d like to help them out and treat them for one or two…
  • Laser Hair Removal- This one is great for someone who you absolutely know has been interested in it. You wouldn’t want to get them this for say their upper lip if they had never thought about it or talked about it. You wouldn’t be a good friend/family member haha.
  • Gift Certificate- Say you have your favorite place you like to go and want them to try it out, or you know where they are going to. Then just get them a good dollar amount that they can put towards anything that they are interested in. This is still a thoughtful gift because they can use it for something for themselves. A lot of clinic’s and spa’s have deals on for gift certificates this time of year to add to the value. If you’re smart, get yourself a gift certificate as well ;), you earned it after all of that stressful holiday shopping haha.

Use this as a guide for your loved one, they may be interested in more advanced treatments so feel them out and see what they are into.

What treatments do you like to receive? I’d love to see your comments!

P.S. That’s our tree in the photo, it’s not decorated as I have a new baby and things seem to take much longer than I think now haha. I’m kind of enjoying how simple it is though? (Maybe I’m just being lazy)



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