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How to Amplify Your Treatments

I know we all want to get the best bang for our buck, but how can we do this when receiving aesthetic treatments? 

Proper education is key when receiving treatments to ensure that you are maintaining what you have invested in and not potentially creating more damage. To begin with, one key thing to always make sure that you are doing correctly is that you are using the right skin care products for your skin. If you are using something to rich for acne skin you will just continue adding to the problem after. Or if you are using a product that is not hydrating or healing enough and you have aged or dry skin then you are not helping with keeping that moisture retained in your skin. Some treatments require aftercare afterwards such as treatment or healing serums/creams. Your specialist should give you the proper product for aftercare with instructions. This will more so apply to any sort of resurfacing treatments, peels, or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments. If your specialist doesn’t ask, you should always mention what products you are using in the consultation. 

Depending on what you are getting done, getting a Microdermabrasion before or after your treatment helps to get your skin in prime condition. Before an IPL or BBL this will help to get that dead skin removed so that these treatments are targeting only what needs to be targeted. Performing this a couple of days in advance for more sensitive skin, or immediately before the IPL or BBL for more of a tougher skin, then performing this again 2 weeks after will give the best results. A series of IPL or BBL may be recommended, so before the series then after the series should be all that’s needed. This can also be done for fractional or skin resurfacing treatments. However, the Microdermabrasion should be done a week prior to the treatment then 3-4 weeks after. Your skin is much more fragile and should allow time to regenerate. After these treatments, once to twice a week exfoliation will keep your skin at it’s best to continue the cell turnover (read Cellular Turnover Through Exfoliation). 

Retinol is another great at home product that can be used as well. But using Retinol prior to any sort of intense treatments (including Laser Hair Removal in the area) you need to take extra precaution. Use must be discontinued up to 2 weeks prior to the treatment as your skin is in a constant turnover and you could have an adverse result from the treatment. After the treatment, depending on what you had done, wait up to 4 weeks to start use again of the Retinol. Again, mention it to your specialist if they don’t already know that you are using this. Most clinics will ask you on the consultation form or ask you if you are using any sort of topical creams or ointments that will include Retinol. 

But the number one thing that you can do when doing any treatment, using Retinol, and really any time- this is an easy one… Wear SPF 15+ and always avoid the sun! By doing so you are keeping the pigmentation and age spots away, the wrinkles to a minimum and of course preventing any sort of cells turning potentially cancerous.  




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