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Healthy Peanut Butter Balls

Today is December 1st! Oh my goodness where did the time go?! Basically to me, this month means way too many treats. With myself having a two month old now and trying really, really, really, hard to get off the sugar I was once addicted too throughout the entire pregnancy (tons of blizzards, yum!) I am nervous now that it is officially into the holiday season. But also, my skin! It’s still stabilizing from all of the ingested sugary  foods. A couple of weeks ago, I started making these and keeping them in the fridge so that if I really needed a sugar fix they were on hand. Sometimes I may have over indulged and devoured almost all of them, but that’s okay, right? Burn it off with a walk, right? haha. 

Basically this recipe you can alter it a couple of different ways with no sugar at all, or my way, which has only maple syrup added to it. You can substitute the maple syrup with coconut oil instead, however the mixture doesn’t roll into balls very easily. When I made it with coconut oil instead, I spread it out in a deep dish then refrigerated for a couple of hours then cut into squares. They were delicious this way as well. Completely up to you on how you’d like them done.

Almost all of my ingredients that I use are organic, except for the ground flax. It might be organic, but I got it from the bulk section at, Superstore so it’s hard to say as to if it is or not. In my recipe I added dark mini chocolate chips. You can substitute these out for carob chips for a vegan version, or chopped walnuts.

Let’s get to making some balls! (or squares haha). You will need a medium mixing bowl, wooden spoon, container or tray to lay them out flat onto, wax paper or parchment paper, and measuring cups.

In your mixing bowl mix all of your dry ingredients:

3/4 cup organic quick oats

1/4 cup organic puffed rice cereal

1/4 cup organic unsweetened coconut flakes

1/4 cup ground flax

1/4 cup organic mini dark chocolate chips (substitute carob chips or chopped walnuts)

Then add your wet ingredients:

1 tbsp organic maple syrup (optional or substitute with coconut oil)

1/4 cup room temperature organic smooth all natural peanut butter

With your wooden spoon mix up all of the ingredients together until it all has combined. Mixture will be chunky, that’s okay. Then get yours hands in there! Knead and mix the ingredients all together until you are getting more of a sticky consistency. Next, wash your hands, start rolling balls. Roll them into approximately 1 inch balls. Mine all varied. If you find it is too sticky- get your hands slightly wet then roll again. The mixture will not stick to your wet hands. Place each ball on your wax paper or parchment paper lined tray. You should have roughly 16 to 18 balls, depending on the size of them. If you want more, double the recipe! Keep them in the fridge to keep them firm.

Voila! You now have a healthy easy to grab treat. I hope this helps to curb that sweet tooth we all have this time of year, I know it has helped me.

Have the best weekend!

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