Take the Spa Home

Let’s go to the spa… or even better let’s take the spa home. Run yourself a nice bath and treat yourself to some relaxing down time. You deserve it. It is, Sunday anyways. You don’t have anywhere important to be ;).

I’ve been told so many times to make sure you take care of yourself too once you have the baby. I didn’t fully understand what that meant because I thought that if I am home all day I will have time to tend to my myself too. Nope, there are just not enough hours in the day! Especially if you make plans. It takes 3 hours to just get out of the house (if you want to get ready too). So taking a bath and having some me time is needed!

The mask I am going to talk about today made me reminisce of when I had time to go to the spa. As soon as I opened the container, the scent that poured out was just pure relaxation. This is an easy one to get your hands on. It’s by L’OREAL and it’s their Pure-Clay Red Algae mask.

red algae mask

This mask has a rich consistency to it, so it covers the face beautifully with out needing lots. If you notice in the video, there are grits in the texture as well so when it is being removed, you are also getting a bonus exfoliation too. Once applied, it has a slight tingle sensation (I love tingly masks-feels like it’s doing something extra). I left it on for 15 minutes. You can leave it on from 10-15 minutes according to the box. (I wanted that extra relax time). The scent does lesson as it’s left on your skin so you are not overwhelmed with spa smells (but maybe that would be a nice thing haha). After my 15 minutes of dreaming of being in a beautiful spa, I removed the mask and it came off quite easily while exfoliating the skin at the same time. My end result left my skin feeling very supple and refreshed. It did have a more radiant look to it. This mask is more meant for people with oily skin however it would be suitable for all skin types. It does state that it is safe for all skin types on the box.

This mask sells for only $11.97 at Wal Mart or online. It’s a good product for your buck. Just the scent alone took me away and that’s worth it alone for me!



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