Why Hyaluronic Acid?


We’ve all heard about it, and I have had many clients request this ingredient in their products. But what is Hyaluronic acid really? I feel that many people just hear something, and yes it is good for your skin, but do not have a clue what it is or the benefits of it.

First off, I’ll start by noting that this is an excellent ingredient to add to any skin care product or treatment. To define exactly what it is, Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar that is found in our bodies. Neat right? It is the substance that retains moisture in our joints, skin and eyes. It can retain up to 1000 times it weight in moisture.


You can see in this diagram what happens to our skin as we age. The skin loses its moisture retaining abilities as the years progress. It is always a smart idea to start using products that help the skin in preventing this at a young age. We have teenagers that we get started on proper skin care routines, it wont hurt them! I have been using skincare products since I was in high school or younger even, just because I have been lucky enough to have my mom educate me. I truly feel that it has had a huge impact on how my skin looks now that I am going on 31.

Hyaluronic acid products can be safe for oily skin too. You may think, ‘I have oily skin I don’t need any added moisture’. That’s not true. You just don’t need a rich cream or product. You would need a product that is going to retain moisture and heal from the deepest layer to ensure that your skin stays supple as you age. Or you can even just get treatments that have Hyaluronic acid in them. (Dermalinufsion is one of them!)

I’m sure we have all heard of fillers and lip injections as well. The key ingredient in this is Hyaluronic acid. Good to know that these injections are already a natural substance that is found in our body. But always do your research on who is doing the injections before getting any sort of procedure done.

So let’s sum this up! I am going to give you a list of key things that Hyraluronic acid can be excellent for in everyday life:

  • Burns or scrapes- Apply a Hyaluronic acid product topically to the affected area and your healing time will lessen. Perfect for after intense laser treatments.
  • Joint Health- By taking orally or injecting into the site (might be a bit pinchy) this can aid in keeping you feeling more limber.
  • Dry Eyes- There are drops that contain Hyaluronic acid.
  • Sores in Mouth- There are gels that can be applied in the mouth to aid in healing this.
  • Fillers or Lip Injections Different brands contain this miracle ingredient to help plump up those lines or add to your pout.
  • Skincare Products and Serums- Look for Hyaluronic acid in the ingredients, but make sure it is the correct product for your skin type. If it is too rich you could potentially breakout if you have oily skin or sensitive skin.

Now get out there and find Hyaluronic acid products for your skin! 😉

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