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Ways to Treat Puffy Eyes at Home

Let’s talk about those puffy bags under our eyes that like to appear at the worst times. We all get them, whether we are over tired (from staying up all night with a baby haha), over worked, out too late ;), stressed and the many other ways they like to appear on our face. Of course, there are treatments that are offered that help to minimize them such as Radio Frequency treatments, Fractional, Microneedling, etc. But, I have some tips that you can put to use for at home treatment!

The easiest item to get your hands on that most households have (this is also a common known trick) are tea bags! My favorite ones to use are either green tea, chamomile, or earl grey/black tea. All you need to do is steep the bags for approximately a minute then chill in the fridge for about 5 minutes then place on your eyes, lay back and relax. Another popular one is, cucumber. Same thing place a slice on your closed eye, and relax!


Aloe Vera is another trick. It is such a useful plant. The gel can really be used for anything from use on the skin to ingesting it. My fave tip to tell clients is to put aloe on clean skin on your under eye area then, if you have it on hand, wet two pieces of gauze in cold water then place on top of the aloe under the eye. Or if you’d like close your eyes then place the wet gauze on top of your whole eye area. (Do not place the aloe on your eye lid, just under the eye). I’ll sometimes do this for the client when doing skin treatments as an added relaxing touch!

Those are a few easy to get your hands on options for at home use. A product that I find our clients are addicted to, is an easy one to do at home as well. I have clients that actually get these for when they go on planes. They will wear them on a flight or after a flight to help lessen the puffiness.  They are pretty easy to get, a lot of clinics and spas carry them or you can purchase them online. They are called, Patch Gel Liftant by La Biosthetique.5a1583a27a73c.jpg

They comes in individual patches that get placed under each eye. You can buy them in boxes of ten to last you a little longer. They are basically gelly like half circles that you simply place under your lash line and leave on for ten minutes or longer. They help with puffiness and you’ll even notice crows feet and lines look visibly more plump after. They have plant cell extracts, marine derived ingredients, and active extracts from salt waters. They feel cooling as soon as they are placed on the skin which is lovely. In my professional opinion out of many products I have seen over the years, these are by far the most effective for at home treatment of puffy eyes. We literally can’t keep them on the shelf!

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