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Travelling While Pregnant

It was a year ago when we found out that we were pregnant with, Isla. I remember finding out and being so so so excited. I always hoped that at 30 I would be finally preggo. We were at a good time in our lives. All settled and cozy into life together.

Because it was miserable out and we Canadians like to escape the cold, we booked our trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for April. At this point I was about 5 months pregnant and was sooooo looking forward to just doing NOTHING. Just laying back on a beach and relaxing.

Flights and Pregnancy

The flight from where we live in Kelowna, B.C. is about 6 hours to Cancun, Mexico. I had no idea that it would be the longest flight of my life. I used to work on cruise ships and had travelled on extremely long flights in the past and was somewhat okay (besides the fact that you are stuck in a tin can for hours on end). But I guess being that I was pregnant, all of the fluid in my body (seemed like it anyways) travelled down to my feet.

My sandals, that I had just purchased prior to leaving, were indenting my feet. I actually had to remove them a couple of hours into the flight. The throbbing that I was enduring was so bad. Getting up and walking around was my only and best option to get some flow going again in my body.

Then when we were landing, we hit a tropical storm unfortunately. The turbulence was so bad. And again I don’t mind flying, a little turbulence is fun (I think anyways haha). Because my hormones were already giving me a hard time when it came to be nauseous, I thought I was going to throw up everywhere! I was seriously searching for the puke bag. That has never happened to me.

Extreme Heat and Pregnancy

When we landed and got off the plane, it was pouring rain outside so our first night was a bit of a write off. We just had dinner then went to bed. The next morning waking up it was so gorgeous out again. The storm had passed.

So of course, we got ourselves together and went to the beach. I walked outside and oh my! Remember when my feet swelled on the plane? Well the swelling didn’t go down over night. I stepped out into the beautiful 30°C sunshine Mexico weather, and it literally felt like I had sprained both of my feet. The combination of the swelling and heat caused my feet to continue to throb. The resort we were staying at was so big too that we had to walk at least 5 minutes every time to get somewhere.

Elevate Your Feet To Stop Swelling, Right?

Every time we sat down at a sun bed I would put my feet up where the head is supposed to go and my head would lay where your feet normally would go. I was trying to elevate the water retention issue back the opposite way.

We would go for barefoot walks in the sea so that it would help calm the swelling. I would even have cold showers from my ankles down. Anything I could think of I would try.

Massages Sound Like A Great Idea

By day 3 things were not getting better. So I booked us a couple massage. I wanted a good lymphatic leg massage. But oh wait…. I’m pregnant…. This can’t really be properly performed on a pregnant person. Oh well, even just a massage of any sort should help.

We ventured off to get our couple massages (I more or less hobbled over). They hooked us up with a day pass to the serenity area. It was so beautiful. They had an area where it was all rocks in the water and jets that shot up from the bottom to create a massage for your feet. I was walking back and forth in this life changing set up trying to get my circulation going.

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After the massages were completed, my feet did feel better. But as soon as I walked in the heat again for a few minutes, the swelling started up again.

Just Relax

I learned after this that there wasn’t much hope for my situation. I was pregnant and my body was doing different things that what I am used to. So, I relaxed and put my feet up as much as I could. I found pleasure and laughed so hard at the book that I brought with me. A close friend who was actually pregnant at the time, lent me Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy to read.

Because I wasn’t doing much I managed to finish the whole book in a couple of days. It is an easy read, but it’s hilarious. So relatable for any pregnant person or someone who has been pregnant.

Lesson Learned

Looking back at our trip, I am so grateful for getting to be in the hot sun and getting away. But I now know, if you are pregnant- planes are not the best choice, going from winter to 30°c weather is hard on the pregnant body, and walking lots in heat while pregnant is not an easy task as well.

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