Creating A Website

When it comes to starting a business in this day and age, having a website is a must. I would say most of the population has access to internet these days, and they go online to look up businesses. Having a website for your business is so important. It is basically your business card, the face of your business, and gives people a feel of what they can expect from you and your services.

Trial and Error

Over the years, my mother and myself with our business have tried out many different web platforms. These take time to figure out and sometimes it feels like you could pull your hair out haha. I remember my mother and I started up an online store selling gift boxes with natural products that we had locally made for us.

It took me soooooo long to figure out building the website. Just trying to maneuver around the platform, uploading pictures and creating a site that looked pretty and simple took me days, if not weeks to understand.

For our Medical Aesthetics Business we used to use, Canadian Web Hosting. This was pretty user friendly and easy to figure out. It actually helped our site rank on Google at the top. The SEO was super easy to figure out. But then one day they decided to make it all techy. We were lost…

Finding New Hope

After we basically gave up on using that old platform we came across Wix. We were able to fully redo our website and make it look beautiful and professional.

When I started up my blog website I was going to use Wix for the platform. But I remember hearing about WordPress at some point. So I thought I would check it out. Now keep in mind that I am already used to using Wix. I browsed around the WordPress site and I liked the templates that I saw. They were clear and simple.

This post contains affiliate links for a product that I use and love.

Trying It Out

So, on a whim I signed up for the Premium Plan. It took me no time to figure out. The hardest part about the whole thing were the most important steps before you can start a blog. Finding your niche and brand. If you read any blog posts about creating a blog, they always start off by saying that you need to find your niche, mine being Aesthetics and Lifestyle.

Creating Your Website

These steps apply to creating any sort of website, where it be for a blog, store, online store, restaurant, spa and so on…

  • Create and purchase a domain. WordPress made this extremely easy to do.
  • Create a title for the blog/website, and create a logo. I used a logo maker on the internet to create mine. If you already have a business, chances are that you already have a logo made. Make sure it will be compatible to upload nice and crisp. You can resize the logo accordingly so that it will fit nice on a screen.
  • Upload your logo and site icon. The site icon is important for when your website is on a screen. It will have a defining picture in the tab next to your site title to make your site unique.
  • Choose a template that suits your vision. WordPress , Wix and many other hosting sites have hundreds of templates to choose from. Take your time and preview each template to find your favorite. The beauty about WordPress is that after you have built your website, you can easily change the theme and template at any time. All of your content transfers seamlessly over. It’s wonderful!
  • Next you’ll need to upload your pictures and create your content. If you are looking into creating an online store, you can create it as well!
  • Uploading your photos is so easy with WordPress . All you do is drag your photos from your photo library on your computer to the media library. On your cell phone, you can share photos to your WordPress app. It will automatically save them to your media library, so when you go to work on your website the pictures will be there for you to access from your computer! So simple!!!

If you need any help or support at any time, they have a live chat that works with you answering your questions within minutes. I have had to use them along the way when I started to get more technical with my site as I grew, and they were extremely helpful.

Depending on what you are looking to do with your website, they have plans that are free, then start from $5. Check them out at

I have since upgraded mine to the Business Plan from the Premium Plan as my blog and site has grown over time. But you can start anywhere you’d like that fits with what you are doing. Remember, majority of the population looks things up online, so it so so so important to create yourself an online presence for your brand!

Cheers! Alexandra

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