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My Skin Care Routine

Over the years I have always had my age questioned. I felt that it was necessary to inform every client of my age when they were first meeting me to create more trust. And every time I did tell them my age they would always say ‘oh wow I thought that you were much younger’. I am 31 now and I STILL have this issue. It’s funny looking back at old pictures, I look younger now than I did when I was in my early twenties haha.

It was a good selling feature for sure when it came to working on clients. They all wanted to know my secrets as to what was keeping my skin from defeating the aging process. I will be honest with you- for 2 years I did get Botox injections in my forehead and in between my eyebrows to get rid of those pesky ‘elevens’. But I have not gotten any botox since before I got pregnant. My daughter is now almost 5 months old. So there’s something to be said about my skin care routine ;).

Daily Routine

Each and every single day I always wash my face when I wake up and before bed. I have been doing this since I was 19 years old. Of course there has been the odd time over the years where I was over tired or it was a late night out and I forgot to wash my face before passing out haha. But it is always a must in my routine. Even if I haven’t worn a spec of makeup that day I will still wash it before bed. Your skin is regenerating when you are sleeping, so this is the most important time to have a clean and moisturized face.

After cleansing I always apply my serum/gel. The current cleanser I am using does not require a toner after because it is ph balancing. Make sure you research your cleanser to see if you need to follow with a toner or not. Your skin needs rebalancing after the impurities have been washed away. I used to apply a moisturizer after my serums/gels, but my skin has since adjusted to the moisture it gets from a serum/gel. I breakout less now and my shine is to a minimal as well. Not everyone can do this- if you have dry skin you will need a moisturizer as well. Especially at night!!!

The current gel that I am using, works around the eye area as well, so it cuts back time and products, which is fantastic!!! So I just apply my gel all over my face including my eye area, neck and down to my decolletage (chest).

Weekly Routine

So, If you follow my blog you’ll know how obsessed I am with exfoliating. I love smooth skin. And I love a gritty exfoliant!!! I probably exfoliate 2-3 times a week. For most people, especially ones with sensitive or fragile skin, I would only recommend exfoliating once a week. But I know my skin and I have been practicing skin care and Aesthetics for over 12 years now, so I’m not scared haha.

Once every week or once every 2 weeks I love to do a mask. I’d like to say that I do these more often but I forget and can’t seem to fit the time in. I always do love how my skin is afterwards and tell myself that I need to do this more, but life happens haha. I especially love using the gel eye pads. I don’t sleep much nowadays, so these really help to soothe tired eyes and bring down the puffiness.

Monthly Routine

Every 4 weeks I make myself do a Dermalinfusion treatment. Whether I get it done by someone, or I do it on myself at the clinic. It is a must in my life. See an older post that I did about all of its amazing benefits

Maybe twice a year, I will get Fractional done. If you notice in my pictures I have Chicken Pock scars. These I have had since I was 3, so unfortunately it can take multiple treatments of Fractional Skin Resurfacing to lessen the scars, but I like to keep on top of it.

Fractional also helps with deep lines, fine lines, acne scarring, enlarged pores, and just general anti-aging through collagen regrowth. The collagen regrowth is caused by creating zoned damage to your skin so that your skin is forced to repair itself. Cool right!!


There are so many treatments out there. By just doing something to your skin you will help to stimulate it and reverse your signs of aging.

My clients always laugh at me, because I’m always telling them that they look amazing and wonder what they are doing differently, and they tell me well it’s because I come to see you haha. I never put the two together!!!

Just doing this routine has made a huge change in myself. My skin looks and feels more supple. Even just applying the daily routine followed by exfoliating will do wonders for you!

Cheers! Alexandra

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