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Love Day

Today is a day where we are meant to dedicate our hearts, more than we normally would do, to our loved one’s. I truly feel that we should do this everyday, but let’s be honest, life gets in the way. We get sidetracked or distracted with the day to day busyness.

Today I will be spending the day with my family. With Isla, Thumper and Kyle too. Family is love for us and I couldn’t ask for more of a better Valentine’s Day. Maybe before I get ready, I’ll do a facemask to prepare my skin for the chocolate eating to come haha. 

We don’t usually do much for gifts. Last year I got Kyle, a massage at the spa downtown. This year, I surprised him with a gc to Starbucks this morning. Nothing fancy.

Exciting news though- It’s Isla’s, first Valentine’s Day!!! I am going to dress her in her red romper from Nook’s Design and make her all festive. Cute!!!

Anyways, so much love sent out to all of you. May your day, week, month, and year be filled with love and happiness each day!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cheers! Alexandra

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