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Blueberry & Pomegranate Tonal Masque

Today I get to share with you a masque that comes from a skin care line that truly has passion in the ingredients that they put into their products and where they come from. The masque comes from Plush Organic Skin Care. It is their Blueberry & Pomegranate Enzyme- Tonal Balance Facial Masque. I must say, it is amazing- even the name sounds amazing!!!

This masque is for professional use, so this post is meant for all of my fellow Aestheticians!

What It’s Used For

All of the products in this line, including this one, are made up of 100% certified (that’s right certified) organic ingredients. The key ingredients in this one are the Blueberry and Pomegranate enzymes that help to clear out the skin, balance the natural tone, color and aid in preventing hyperpigmentation or those pesky age spots from forming. It is an excellent add-on to your facial treatments or after Microdermabrasion. I would only use this after a Microdermabrasion if the client has a tougher skin.

A Little History

Plush Organic Skin Care, is designed by an Aesthetician that has over 20 years experience. The line is designed for at home use and professional in clinic use. She has been creating and putting love into her skin care line for over 4 years now. She herself has sensitive skin so it was designed to cater to all skin types, which is lovely! The ingredients in this masque, like all of her products, are grown on her family farms that are certified eco-friendly in England, California, and Florida. Not to mention the water used as well is only spring water. How can I not love this!!!

After reading all of that you must know how excited I was to get my hands on her stuff.

My Experience

After I cleansed my face thoroughly, I applied and left the masque on for 3 minutes. It is recommended to leave on for 1-3 minutes. Once applying, it feels cool and has the slightest tingle THEN it starts to harden almost instantly. So amazing because you know it is truly clearing out the skin and balancing it. There is a very slight scent to it, so it will be a mild choice for client’s.

I definitely could feel it exfoliating my skin slightly while I was removing it. Love!!! Anything exfoliating and purifying I am obsessed with.

Once removed, I definitely notice a difference in my skin’s texture. I then followed it by applying the Rosehip & Hibiscus Clear Complexion Facial Serum. Which I must say I am enjoying. I will give a look into that one for you all another day. I really want to get the true feel of it on my skin over some time.

I would recommend the Blueberry & Pomegranate Enzyme- Tonal Balance Facial Masque for any skin type. I love that she has catered to a sensitive skin type, but still targets us who breakout easily.

You can find more of their Organic Products on their website:

Cheers! Alexandra

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