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Dead Sea Mineral

Lately my mornings, since being a mom, have been so all over the place. I try everyday to get my personal routine in while still feeding the baby and dog. It sounds like it’s not a lot of work, but truthfully I don’t have my breakfast smoothie some days until after I’ve already been up for 3 hours unfortunately. So that means a lot of the mornings I don’t get to wash my face right away either. Some days lately I’ve been seriously slacking and not getting around to it at all. Yep! Just throwing my makeup on my dirty slept in skin. Thank goodness I always shower and wash my face before bed every night.

Because this has been a norm lately, I have noticed blackheads, whiteheads and milia bumps have been accumulating. YUCK!!! It is so annoying because I preach to everyone, my clients and I blog about it. I’m a hypocrite apparently haha.

What has been a lifesafer lately though, is something that I have really noticed making a difference in removing that build up that clogs the pores. It is Dead Sea Mineral Facial Cleanser & Toner by Plush Organic Skin Care.

What It Is

This awesome life changing cleansing toner is not only cleansing but it is detoxifying and hydrating all at once. The blend consists of blue and green algae extracts with dead sea salt water, and aloe vera. It is designed to safely clear out toxins that create blackheads and whiteheads, while hydrating and smoothing the skin at the same time.

The thing that I love about their line is that they are certified organic and cruelty free. So you know that all of the ingredients are purely amazing for your skin. There is also papaya fruit extract, carrot seed and guava fruit. Vitamin K and Vitamin A are also in it, adding to its cleansing properties. A lot of toners have an alcohol base to them and this one is alcohol free, so that means it is non stinging. It has a slight clean feeling tingle to it- if that makes sense haha.

Plush Organic Skin Care, recommends that it is only used 1 to 3 times per week. It is safe for dryer skin types as well. I will say that I have noticed the times I use it my skin feels more hydrated- which is awesome! It is full on winter here in Kelowna, B.C. That means that it is desert like climate. Even though my skin is more on the oily side, it is always more dry this time of year.

How It’s Used

As you can see in the photo it comes in a pretty glass jar and not to mention the color is a beautiful shade of blue. It is a liquid, so all you need is some cotton pads or cotton balls. Simply saturate a cotton pad with this magic Toner and wipe your face all over in an upwards motion. I notice that every time I use it, the cotton pad is left with dirt residue on it. So satisfying right? haha.

It is to be used after you have cleansed your face, then follow with your moisturizer. I am truly enjoying this cleansing toner, it has been life changing. By using the Dead Sea Mineral Hydrating Facial Cleanser & Toner, my blackheads and whiteheads are noticeably under control. It was getting ridiculous before!!!

You can find this product and their other amazing products at You can also check out my experience with their Blueberry & Pomegranate Enzyme Masque at

Cheers! Alexandra

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