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My Morning Routine For Healthy Skin

Having healthy skin not only comes from what we do to our self on the outside, but it comes from the inside as well. Everything that we ingest will show on the outside. If you follow along with previous posts, you’ll know know that a problem I have is my love hate relationship with sugar. So, I always try to conjure up delicious sweet things to kick my sweet tooth, without eating ice cream and junk food all the time. All natural, organic peanut butter is actually a life saver for me. Just a big spoon full definitely makes a difference haha.

Start It Off Right

I try to start my mornings off right ensuring that I am doing the best for my body and giving it what it needs. The first thing that hits my tummy is warm lemon water. I heard years ago that Jennifer Aniston, does it and recently have heard that Dr. Oz does this as well. So, it must have some sort of awesome benefit to it!!!

I take an organic lemon and cut it into 4’s and I use and squeeze 1/4 each morning in a cup of boiled water. By having it on an empty stomach it’s known to help in maintaining the pH balance of the body, promote digestion and increase the metabolic rate. By doing this I find that I am pretty energized. I still will make a matcha latte a half hour later though. love matcha haha.

After The Lemon

For years I have been very religious about having a smoothie in the morning for breakfast. It’s a great thing to have when you are on the go. If it doesn’t get finished, you can throw it in a travel cup and take it on the road with you. Awesome!!! It’s also a great beverage to have because you can make them so healthy and full of good nutrients.

My typical smoothie will consist of something chocolatey. I like to add vegan chocolate protein powder, which is full of amino acids. I will sometimes add a scoop of organic natural peanut butter and a banana with ice and chocolate almond milk. Or, I’ll use berries, kale and chocolate almond milk, a banana and ice.

I also, like to add collagen powder. Collagen powder is so good for your hair, skin and nails. It helps to keep everything nice and hydrated in our bodies. I will also take a whole bunch of supplements, such as, L-Lysine, omegas, b-complex, vitamin D and biotin. These all help with a healthy complexion as well!!!

If you add simple things like this to your daily routine in conjunction to your skin care regimen, you’ll do wonders for your body inside and out. It will absolutely show on the outside!

Cheers! Alexandra

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