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Iced Lemon Matcha

For those of you who are close to me, you will know my obsession with matcha. I love matcha latte’s and iced matcha drinks of various kinds. I find that most days I am consuming up to 3 matcha drinks in a day. It gives me the perfect amount of energy I need so that I can keep up with mom duties haha. My favourite drink to enjoy in the summer months is an iced lemon matcha. I like to make mine sugar free!

This is a quick and easy recipe that is very refreshing and has so many health benefits to it. (I’ll touch on the health benefits of matcha in another blog post). Keep in mind that matcha contains caffeine and I wouldn’t recommend enjoying this too late in the day ;).


When consuming matcha of any sort, you will need to dissolve a tablespoon of the matcha powder in a little bit of hot water. There is the traditional way of using a matcha whisk by simply whisking the powder with the hot water until it is dissolved, or you may use a spoon in place.

In a tall glass, fill it halfway with ice cubes. Then pour the dissolved matcha over the ice. After this has been done, fill up the cup with cold filtered water. I then take a lemon wedge and squeeze it into the liquid. Stir it, then taste it! (Add the lemon to your taste) Now, at this point this is how I like to enjoy my iced lemon matcha, but if you’d like, add a pinch of stevia to sweeten it up. If you don’t like stevia, you can also use organic agave, or honey depending on your preference.

Simple and refreshing! Hope you enjoy this healthy drink!

Cheers! Alexandra

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