My Postpartum Journey with TCM

As women, our bodies go through so many hormonal changes every month. From our moods (mood swings!!!), our skin, our energy levels, and especially bloating. I’m not sure how many of you can relate but, I am forever trying a new supplement to try and just feel somewhat stable longer than a day. Especially since I have had Isla, my body has gone through way too many crazy ups and downs.


I used to suffer from anxiety prior to getting pregnant, so much to the point that I would lose sleep. And since having a baby my anxiety got so severe that I was having anxiety about having anxiety (ahhhh!). Before getting pregnant, I would workout at Orange Theory fitness which consists of high intensity interval training workouts that seemed to really help with my mood and constant over worrying. I would also enjoy wine quite a bit to kind of numb the brain a little. Obviously once I got pregnant, I had to stop drinking wine and eventually these workouts weren’t something that my body wanted to do anymore. So, I took up doing yoga regularly to try and keep my brain occupied.

After having, Isla I was so looking forward to getting back on a routine of doing intense workouts again to help with my mood and brain health, but for some reason not a lot of people talk about how long it takes for your body to heal after having a baby! I imagined myself just popping her out and getting on with my life with my new baby. It’s definitely not like in the movies that’s for sure haha. Once I started researching into what happens postpartum, I learned that we have an internal wound the size of a dinner plate inside of the abdomen afterwards from where the placenta detaches. We lose so much blood and fluids that are bodies are weakened and deprived. We are also now breastfeeding which is sucking (literally) the rest of what little life we have left in us out. So what we really should be doing, and what I did not know, was resting and getting our bodies back in good health so we can take care of our new little precious humans.

I remember my yoga teacher from my prenatal yoga classes telling us about drinking stinging nettle tea afterwards to help replenish our bodies afterwards. So, I went and stocked up on this and drank this everyday. After a few weeks my anxiety was just getting so bad that I found it was hard to leave the house some days. I was worried that something would happen to the baby, the dog or myself, or what if I left the house and something happened to the house?! Do you see my problem here! haha. I, again, did some research on various supplements and spent way too much and consumed what felt like handfuls of pills a day. From supplements for breastfeeding, to brain health ones and just everyday multivitamins. Although this was helping my milk supply come in at full force and my hair, skin and nails were getting healthier, my brain was still overthinking WAY TOO MUCH!

Getting a Routine

Once Isla was 6 months old, I joined the the gym down the road from me where they offer childminding as well. I was able to get into a routine of working out to try and alleviate some of this anxiety. This has been wonderful for getting out of the house, but I still always felt like my mood and brain just wasn’t getting there. Not to mention the bloating! I know it hasn’t been a full year since I have had Isla, but my stomach seems to balloon like crazy some weeks. Especially that time of the month ;).

Finding Hope

About 6 weeks ago I started drinking a tea that is designed for women’s health and wellbeing. I have been drinking 2-3 cups of it a day and I have noticed a complete shift in how my body and brain feels. About 3 weeks into drinking the tea everyday, I noticed my energy levels getting more stable and my skin looking healthier (even on those sleepless nights with a baby haha). I noticed that some days I was forgetting to take some of my supplements because I felt that good! I even noticed that my bloating doesn’t fluctuate as intensely as it did 6 weeks ago. My anxiety is at its lowest that it has been, which is life changing!!! I am able to fall asleep so much easier now and leave the house without checking everything 10 times (I only check things 3 times now hahaha). People around me (including my Fiance) have noticed a healthier mood balance so that says a lot I’d say ;).

The Blend

But, what is this miracle tea you may ask? It is a Traditional Chinese Medicine blend by Your Tea. The name is very clever calling it ‘Fertility Tea’. It is not just meant for women who are wanting to get pregnant, or who have had a baby. It is meant for ALL women! By putting good and healing ingredients into our gut, our bodies and brain in turn heal and stabilize. Gut health is so important for us!

The company that designs this tea, among many other amazing healing blends, consists of a team of 3 practitioners that specialize in TCM (traditional chinese medicine). Throughout my journey, I have had many questions to ask- they always respond to me quickly and are so informative. They know their stuff inside and out!

This particular blend is designed to help with fertility issues, skin problems, digestion, and the one thing that is always an ongoing situation for every woman- PMS! On the front of the tea box there is a cute quote that I have to share – ‘Hormonal imbalance cannot be cured by leaving your partner for a hot water bottle every 28 days, a wise woman finds balance in Fertility Tea. From PCOS, to PMS; we have you covered’. How can you not love that!?

I was extra excited to share my journey with this tea. It truly has been a roller coaster since having Isla, and I know that I am not the only one that goes through this. I do wish I had found Your Tea and Fertility Tea prior to getting pregnant. But this couldn’t have come at a better time in my life!

They do have other blends designed for men’s health, detoxing, skin health, digestion and so on. Check them out at! There’s something for everyone’s special journey.

Cheers! Alexandra

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