5 Tools to Building Customer Relationships

 I am going to be giving you my 5 tips that I have learned over the years! These are the tips on how I became so successful in the Aesthetic industry. How my mom and I alone, worked off only referrals. And let me tell you, I have ABSOLUTELY learned the hard way. It took me years to get to where I wanted to be.

A Little Bit About Myself

 I started my profession back in 2006 where I worked for my mom, as she owned a Medical Aesthetics Clinic. she got me to take a couple of courses in laser hair removal, aesthetics, nails, waxing etc… so that I had a background of everything.  I was able to treat some friends and family members at that time, but I was only eighteen then, so I was a little young. A couple of years after that I started working at a, Merle Norman in Kelowna, Canada doing Aesthetics. I was working there and a couple of days with my mom as well, to keep up with the Medical Aesthetics part. So, I was really doing both ends of the Aesthetic profession, which was amazing! I gained so much experience and I absolutely loved it.

When I was starting out, I found it very hard for me, because you are basically thrown in there and forced to engage with people that you don’t know. You have to touch strangers, you’re trying to find a common ground with them and trying to hold a conversation for up to 2 hours sometimes. Of course, I was young then too, so my interests at the time were going out and partying all night. Basically, I didn’t have much in common with majority of the clientele.

A few years into my profession, I then went and worked on a cruise line called, The Yachts of Seabourn working in the spa for 2 years. I mostly did nails (manicures and pedicures) and some facials.  Thankfully, I got to see the world as well! I gained more experience working on this cruise line as these ships were a Six Star cruise line. They catered to a more elite clientele. So, I had to get to their level. Engage in more intelligent conversations. It taught me to pay attention to what was going on in the world more at that time and it taught me to ask more questions about them. You’d think I would have figured that out before,but like I said I was young. After working on the cruise ships, I needed to settle down as I was now 26 years old and I felt that I had to make something of myself in life. I needed to make myself a home base. When I got home, I invested into my mom’s Medical Aesthetics business and partnered up with her. At that time when I came back, she then decided to turn the business into an academy as well. She has over 30 years experience in the profession and with my combined expertise we have been able and have had the privilege of teaching hundreds of students.

I want To Share My Secrets With You

The thing is- I want YOU to succeed. I want you to get all of the benefits of what this profession has to offer, because if you don’t love what you do, then you start to have regret and wonder why you invested all of this time, energy and money. I know I struggled with this in the beginning. It takes time. You have to master handling clients and master the service you are providing. And on top of it all- people have tons of questions, so you need to be as knowledgeable as possible in the service that you are providing. That’s why I started my blog originally, I wanted to share my knowledge of what I’ve learned over the years for a reference to anybody that wants to look anything up!

Let’s Get Down To Business

Now enough about me!  I want to share with you what took me years of trial and error to finally figure out. The most important thing that you can apply to your business (apart from providing an excellent service) is, creating a client relationship. With our Medical Aesthetic business, we worked strictly off referrals! It’s not because we were the only one in our city. Let me tell you there is tons of competition. We hardly even hand out referral cards. When we reflected on the prior years where we did radio advertising, social media advertising, newspaper, and the list goes on, the main source of how we had a continuous flow of clients coming through the door was that somebody had referred them.

How did we know this? 

This goes with the most important thing that you should do with every client. Even if they are getting a quick in and out service. A consultation form! Each client or patient that comes through your door should ALWAYS fill out a form. Not only is this a legal document that they must sign, but this will also give you a more detailed look into their history. Include on the form, how did you hear about us or referred by. This will help you understand what tools are working to get people in your door.

The Face Of Your Business

This is a huge one that I have seen in the past that really gets to me. The person who is answering your phone, is the voice of your business.They must sound excited and thankful that any person is calling. Whether it is just an inquiry or a potential client. If you sound sad or mad, or one that I’ve noticed, seem inconvenienced, then nobody is going to want to come to you. Take your time with them on the phone. Answer each and every question that they have. I have spent upwards of 45 minutes on the phone with potential clients talking to them and listening to them. When I do this, if we have the service that they are looking for, they always end up booking. Because they know that they can trust in what we have to offer. Same thing goes with when a client walks in the door. Always have a smile on your face. It is the simplest thing, and you are probably thinking ‘I already know that’, but you’d be surprised as to how many people do not do this. I am always excited to see each and every person. Doesn’t matter what kind of day I am having. When you walk in through those doors you are happy and there to be there for people. Don’t forget, most people that are coming in for services, especially a painful service, are nervous. It is your job to make them feel at home and well taken care of.

Back To That Consultation

 Now that they have done this, introduce yourself. Shake their hand and look them in the eye with a smile and say, ‘Hi my name is_______ it’s nice to meet you’. Take them to the treatment room or sit them down and make sure that you sit with them. Never stand if they are sitting. It makes them feel like you are yelling at them. I always sit lower than them if I can. This way, it makes the client feel like you are truly engaging in what they have to tell you. Make yourself look comfortable too. I cross my legs sometimes, this shows that ‘hey we are friends and I’ll take good care of you for the next hour or so’. Do you notice that physician’s do this?  They are there to make you feel comfortable and not intimidated, otherwise you wouldn’t want to go and see them for any issue.

This consultation is so important in building your relationship with your client. You have all of their information written down on a piece of paper there for you to study. You now know their medical history, medications that they may be taking, and you can write down any notes that you would like to add. Take your time with the consultation. I always book an extra 15-20 minutes for new people. Go into full detail about their needs and what they hope for out of their service with you.

Get A Sense Of Their Lifestyle

This one is huge with the Medical Aesthetic profession. For example, say you do a laser hair removal treatment on their underarms, then they are going for a boot camp workout after, chances are they are going to have an adverse reaction. Their skin will be severely irritated or potentially blister. Same goes with hairstylists. If you have an avid swimmer and you do a color on their hair and they go swimming straight after, chances are that the color is going to fade faster. Now these are just examples, but it shows you how important it is to get a more in depth look into their activities.

By looking into their activities, you now can take that and find a common ground with them. Maybe you still have nothing in common with them, but you now have a topic to build on for conversation. This is something that you can also note in their consultation form so that you remember to bring it up in future visits. It shows that you are paying attention. People notice when they are paid attention too. It builds trust. It will make them want to continue to come back and receive services by you, because you now have built trust and a relationship. You understand their needs specifically.

What If You Cannot Provide The Service That They Are Looking For?

This is again where the consultation is key. If you only get them to fill out the form and say, ‘ok yes you would like (for example) a Microdermabrasion’ but really they wanted a Broad Band Light Treatment (BBL) then it might be a little awkward and they might leave feeling upset. By taking those extra 15 minutes and establishing what your client is truly looking for will go so much further. Sometimes you’re too busy to take the extra time, but in the long run it WILL pay off. Clients don’t want to feel rushed in their service. They are usually paying a premium for a service because you deserve to charge that. So, give them that little extra by getting to know them and what they are truly looking for out of their appointment with you.

This is basically customer service 101, and can be applied to any profession!

Let’s Recap!

  • The person answering your phones and greeting the clients is the face and voice of your business. They must always show engagement and be excited to see or talk to that person, no matter what.
  • Consultation form is important to find out how they heard about you and to get a fill history about them. It is also a legal document that they need to sign, so that you can treat them.
  • Introduce yourself formally, sit down with them and take the extra time for the consultation. Always book the extra 15-20 minutes so that you are covering everything with the client and getting to know them and their needs.
  • Getting to know their lifestyle. Ensuring that they are going to take proper care of themselves after the service that they have received.
  • Take notes about their lifestyle so that you can build common ground and a relationship off their interests. This will help you engage with them more.

Implement these tools in building a client relationship and I know that they will want to be telling all of their friends about you and your service!