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Post-pregnancy Skin

She’s here! Well 8 weeks ago she arrived… I’d like to say that everything has been smooth sailing, but to be honest I have been very tired and my brain, to say the least, hasn’t been quite all there. So, I didn’t want to be writing anything on my page then looking back at it with extreme regret haha. ‘Mom brain’ is real apparently! Or maybe it’s just the lack of sleep from getting up to feed a tiny beautiful human every 1-3 hours all night and day. My little girl is very hungry and will, most nights, wake up every 2 hours to feed. The nights are long, but I absolutely love and cherish the bonding. Continue reading Post-pregnancy Skin

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An Exfoliation Like No Other

I realized I haven’t yet shared one of my favorite treatments that is safe for pregnant skin! There’s only so much you can do to treat your skin while it’s going through all the hormonal changes that pregnant women endure. This particular treatment is a must for any skin type or client. I have some clients that come in monthly for this treatment to keep their skin glowing and radiant. Men also love this one! Continue reading An Exfoliation Like No Other

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At Home Mini Facial

It’s that time again! Another school season has embarked upon us. Over the summer month’s I have a lot of parent’s that bring their teenagers in for acne and skin treatment’s. We offer various different options for them depending on how their skin condition is. If it’s mild I may recommend just a version of a mini facial. Now when we think of a facial, we think of spa relaxation. But I don’t unfortunately offer any relaxing treatments. We get down to business and aim for results. With a mini facial I usually recommend that it’s something they need to fit into their routine. Coming in as much as 1-4 times a month (so weekly in some cases). I would only recommend this routine to someone who has superficial breakouts, needs a general clean up, or was using the wrong products/make up for their skin and just needs to get back on track.

This too can be done at home very easily. You can perform this mini facial at home on yourself in conjunction with other services you may be getting as well (always consult on what products to use with your expert to ensure they will not conflict with any other treatments you may be receiving). Continue reading At Home Mini Facial

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Holding our Skin Together

With so many skin care products out on the market, it’s hard to know where to even begin looking or what to try and what effect it will have to the skin. I have a select few that I personally love for myself and always recommend to each and every client. One in particular is Elastin Gel by Clayton Shagal. This product can be used on any skin type (that’s right any skin type), at any age. Continue reading Holding our Skin Together

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Over Indulging

Another weekend is upon us! I think we all can say that we definitely over indulge on our summer weekends. My usual weekends used to be much busier, hitting up local wineries, patio and BBQ hopping. But this year I’m hiding out and enjoying my home. The dog and I have been getting some extra bonding time while this tiny human brews inside of me, that’s for sure. Continue reading Over Indulging