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The Best Anti-Aging Tips for your Neck

Without even knowing it, you could be adding years onto yourself! It’s a huge mistake that people make when it comes to our day to day routine. We are always so concerned about our face and how it appears. The lines around our mouths, forehead and eyes. So we are quick to take care of this first and fore most. But the dead give away on people’s age is always their neck. The skin has less fat and is much thinner here. It will show its age and gravity will tend to step in far sooner than we would like (rude!) Continue reading The Best Anti-Aging Tips for your Neck

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Ways to Treat Puffy Eyes at Home

Let’s talk about those puffy bags under our eyes that like to appear at the worst times. We all get them, whether we are over tired (from staying up all night with a baby haha), over worked, out too late ;), stressed and the many other ways they like to appear on our face. Of course, there are treatments that are offered that help to minimize them such as Radio Frequency treatments, Fractional, Microneedling, etc. But, I have some tips that you can put to use for at home treatment! Continue reading Ways to Treat Puffy Eyes at Home

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Cellular Turnover through Exfoliation

I’m sure you always hear that exfoliating should be an important part of our skin care routine. But why? You might think it’s so that our skin is perfectly silky to the touch or for those that wear make up, our application will go on smoother. Those are some reasons yes, but it goes a lot deeper than just surface level. Continue reading Cellular Turnover through Exfoliation

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An Exfoliation Like No Other

I realized I haven’t yet shared one of my favorite treatments that is safe for pregnant skin! There’s only so much you can do to treat your skin while it’s going through all the hormonal changes that pregnant women endure. This particular treatment is a must for any skin type or client. I have some clients that come in monthly for this treatment to keep their skin glowing and radiant. Men also love this one! Continue reading An Exfoliation Like No Other