Skin Refreshing Facial

Skin Refreshing Facial

It’s a new year so, I thought I’d share a refreshing facial that will brighten your complexion after the holiday season. I was editing some videos from last month and saw the bags under my eyes so I ended up trashing them unfortunately. But that then inspired me to create a facial that will help with tired dull skin! I imagine a lot of you are on the same page this time of year. We have dranken, eaten and have had too many late nights for over a month.

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Blue Seaweed Mask

I have this weird thing that I do. I crave blue things haha. Like blue colored drinks (probably so bad for me) and blue items that are scented. I’m not sure what the flavors or scents are supposed to be, because blue is not a flavor nor a scent, but for some reason I want it. I know that I am not alone in this, I’ve heard of other people out there that like blue flavors or scents too, otherwie they wouldn’t have blue as an option right?! So of course I was drawn to this mask. It’s blue! 

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