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Quality & Care

We appreciate that makeup is apart of our everyday routine, so we have gone through every step to ensure that you can be confident that the products you are using not only consist of non-toxic and clean ingredients, but also come from ethical practices and green manufacturing production.


Alexandra Kathleen


Each product is produced in small batches more frequently to ensure freshness. Our professional grade products consist of fine fruit botanical powders blended with non-toxic mineral colors that not only enhance your complexion, but in turn enrich your skin in nourishing antioxidants. All botanicals are selected for freshness, purity of source, and quality. The majority of the botanicals are extracted in-house at the lab using a traditional steam distillation method. This method optimizes freshness and efficacy.

As animal lovers ourselves, our products are Vegan friendly and cruelty-free. The products are tested only on human volunteers. Because we know that skin types and concerns vary from person to person, we try out each product for an extended period of time on various skin concerns before making them available to purchase.

With almost 2 decades in Beauty and Aesthetics experience, you can be confident about the products you are using on your skin.