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Shade Guide

Use this chart as a guide to find your perfect shade for your skin tone.
Type I to Type V (Shades for Type VI coming soon)
***Please note that this is only a guide. Descriptions may vary depending on the individual. Should you have any further concerns or questions, you may contact us at


Pro Tip: If you tan easily in the summer months- take your shade up a level and down one in the cooler months. For example; one shade for cooler months, and a darker shade for warmer months/ weather.


Type I

You are someone who is fair or who has a porcelain tone to their skin. You may also burn easily with sun exposure. 


Type I & Type II

The ideal beauty for this shade has a warmer undertone to their complexion from the shade before. 

Warm Ivory

Type I & Type II

You are someone who has a slight pink undertone. You may get a slight tan easily, but become quite fair with no sun exposure. You may have light brown or ash blonde hair as well.


Type III & Type IV

The ideal beauty for this shade has an ‘olive complexion’. You tan easily and maintain a natural tan all year round. You may have dark brunette eyebrows and darker hair naturally.


Type IV & V

Currently the darkest of the shades. You have a bronzed tone to your complexion all year round and tan very easily with sun exposure.