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In my many years of being in this profession I have tried possibly hundreds of different lotions and potions to keep us ‘youthful and smooth’. I’m sure many people can agree on this. There’s always a new trend and system out there. A girl could drive herself mad just trying to keep up! I’d say the best way of learning is through trial and error. Unfortunately, though, with doing this people who do not know their skin well and what they’re using can make problems worse. My particular skin-type is classified into the more ‘combination’ type. I do have an oily t-zone producing quite a bit of sebum. I am prone to black heads and breakouts in these areas as my pores are enlarged. My cheeks however, are dry and can flake from time to time especially in dryer seasons and climates. So finding a proper skin care regimen can be tricky. I have used creams and serum’s in the past that were far too rich causing milia bumps and unsightly breakouts. It’s not fun when a new client comes in seeking my help with their skin and mine is a DISASTER. How embarrassing! Listen to what I’ll tell you, but clearly I don’t know how to take care of my own skin HAHA. Especially these past 7 months, my skin is a crazy roller coaster and it has taken me for a ride truly putting my knowledge and experience to the test. I have guided many pregnant and hormonal women through the their journey of ever-changing skin, now it’s my turn apparently…… Continue reading