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Healthy Peanut Butter Balls

Today is December 1st! Oh my goodness where did the time go?! Basically to me, this month means way too many treats. With myself having a two month old now and trying really, really, really, hard to get off the sugar I was once addicted too throughout the entire pregnancy (tons of blizzards, yum!) I am nervous now that it is officially into the holiday season. But also, my skin! It’s still stabilizing from all of the ingested sugary  foods. A couple of weeks ago, I started making these and keeping them in the fridge so that if I really needed a sugar fix they were on hand. Sometimes I may have over indulged and devoured almost all of them, but that’s okay, right? Burn it off with a walk, right? haha. 

Basically this recipe you can alter it a couple of different ways with no sugar at all, or my way, which has only maple syrup added to it. You can substitute the maple syrup with coconut oil instead, however the mixture doesn’t roll into balls very easily. When I made it with coconut oil instead, I spread it out in a deep dish then refrigerated for a couple of hours then cut into squares. They were delicious this way as well. Completely up to you on how you’d like them done. Continue reading Healthy Peanut Butter Balls

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Top Treatment Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again! Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, and I’m sure you (like myself) are thinking about the perfect gifts for our loved ones.

A lot of people like to get pampered, and a wonderful gift to receive is the gift of pampering!  I’m going to share with you some excellent treatment gift ideas for your loved ones. Continue reading Top Treatment Gift Ideas