Welly Merck Watch

I’ve partnered up with Welly Merck to give you $50 off your next watch! Go to https://wellymerck.com/ and enter discount code WMAlexan50 at checkout to receive your $50 off!

Welly Merck watches are a Swiss Movement design that are sleek and customizable. The watch face is thinner than your traditional watch for a nicer fit on the wrist. Some of the styles come with the crown (the dial is what I’ve always called it) positioned lower so that it does not dig into your wrist. I know my dad has always had issues with that when purchasing new watches. I however, did not choose that style for this watch that I currently have, but I will on the next. You can get different straps for the watches. Welly Merck, offers a metal chain design option and different colored leather straps available as well.

The Welly Merck watch comes in an elegant looking box and they ship it out fast. No waiting 30 days to get it in the mail (I hate that, so impatient).

Check out the Welly Merck website for all of their different Men’s and Women’s styles and don’t forget to enter discount code WMAlexan50 at checkout to receive your $50 off.